per vpn, per hour

It really couldn't be simpler

Spin up as many VPNs as you like in as many countries as you like and only pay for what you use!

When you sign up and verify your email, you'll get an hour free on us to say 'thank you'. Use that hour however you like. It's yours. Maybe you want to see what google looks like from Singapore? Maybe there's a sweet deal only available in Canada? Maybe you stopped at StarBucks for a tall non-fat lattรฉ with caramel drizzle and need to secure your traffic for 10 mins? You have control. โ˜•

Frequent Questions:

  • What do I do with the .ovpn file?

  • How is it so cheap?!

  • What if I leave a VPN running?

  • What is a 'Dedicated Virtual Private Server'